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V2 OP Pivot Tools

V2 OP Pivot Tools

SKU: V2OPtool


V2 Old Pivot Umnumzaan tools

After many requests to make tools for the OP Zaan, I decided to give it a bit of a redesign to use 1/4 hex driver that many probably have. These were modeled to fit a Wiha hex driver (not included, but I would recommend the 26 in 1 Wiha driver as it has become a staple in my shop!)
The tools are made from 6061-T6 Aluminum and feature a neodymium magnet that is glued into the hex to assist in retention. They can also be used in a 1/4 wrench (also, not included)

What you will get is 2ea aluminum tools to fit the Old pivot Umnumzaan (again, the drivers are not included)

Initially, I will have a small number depending on demand and don't plan on making these tools long term. If there is enough demand, I will make more. They are being made to assist those that don't have a proper tool to help maintain their Old pivot Umnumzaan (made from 2008-2012)

Of note; The neodymium magnet orientation is not guaranteed to align to the magnets in many 1/4 hex tools. It seems to fit around 95% of what I have to test

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