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Titanium Large Sebenza Backspacer

Titanium Large Sebenza Backspacer

SKU: 217537123517253

Large Sebenza 21 Backspacer made from titanium.


Updated to new pin style from Chris Reeve Knives!
At this time, if you order sandblasted, a machined finish, new style pin will be installed. We will update the picture for sandlasted in the future


You will note that the design changed in that they are full thickness to match overwhelming requests. I my bring back classics that the web is thinned out if the demand comes in line as a separate SKU.
The blasted part would pretty closely match sand blasted finish on a stock CRK. I do not glass blast at this time.


Fits: Regular, Classic, 21 and 31 models


Note: May not fit your Insingo blade. Use at your own risk. Recommended for drop point and tanto.

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